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Kenbry Seafoods Service

Twice a day during the week Kenbry Seafoods deliver wholesale fresh and frozen seafood all over the Gold Coast and up to Brisbane, also once a day for the Southern areas as far as Byron Bay. Saturday is the only weekend day for deliveries, once a day anywhere on the Gold Coast only.


Kenbry Seafoods drivers are all trained in the etiquette of the company, having excellent customer service and knowing exactly how to handle fresh and frozen seafoods, extensive knowledge in food safety and Kenbry Seafoods trucks maintain a controlled temperature environment ensuring that you, the client get the best quality of wholesale fresh and frozen seafood delivered to your door each and every time. The Kenbry Seafoods trucks are designed to keep seafood at the correct temperature to guarantee the freshest produce from the sea to your dinner plate.


Kenbry Seafoods expert sales team will advise products and pricing to suit your individual seafood needs, giving you the best possible price and best quality fresh and frozen seafood.


Here at Kenbry Seafoods we have a strong client base, with many happy restaurants, cafes and 5 star hotels that we offer our superior services too.


Quality control:

Kenbry Seafoods are Safe Food Queensland Accredited, our frozen and fresh wholesale seafood Quality control system has been developed in accordance to the HACCP guidelines, and is independently audited on a regular basis. Kenbry seafood assures full temperature control, receival and dispatch quality control and full traceability of all product both fresh and frozen.


All staff at Kenbry Seafood know and understand these requirements to ensure the highest quality of seafood possible. Bringing peace of mind to our clientele and creating an ongoing trust and commitment with our valued customer.


We meet the highest of standards reducing food safety risks through-chain. Ensuring public health and safety at all costs. The scheme implements the National Standard for Primary Production and Processing of all Seafood. The seafood scheme sets out the basic food safety requirements for the primary production and processing of all seafood and Kenbry Seafoods adhere strictly within these guidelines.


The National seafood standard sets out food safety and suitability requirements for seafood businesses from pre-harvest up to, but not including, retail activities (e.g. fish and chip shops). Primarily, the National Seafood Standard requires seafood businesses to:


  • Identify potential hazards and implement appropriate controls 
  • Comply with controls at specific steps in seafood operations 
  • Maintain traceability records 
  • Follow appropriate hygiene and handling practices; and 
  • Comply with suitability requirements for premises and equipment.


There are a number of issues that are of potential significance to food safety in the seafood industry in Queensland and for this reason all seafood handling within Kenbry Seafoods is in regulation with these guidelines and adhered to at all costs.

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